Monday, August 17, 2009

Under Construction

Alhamdulillah with His permission, I can finish this blog even there are mistakes here and there. since when I had a heart to do this blog it is still a mystery. maybe becoz I still have much times left (yeke..?? O_o) actually I am not really serious about having this blog but I juz wanna try if it's best for me to let all my heart out.. that's why i need to try blogging, at least I have some place to jot down anything I like. at first, I was confused but with the help from "maoh da devil",(donno why he's called like that). and "edy da best" so here i am..doing what i do best..this blog only for my's not related to any other things whether it's living or not.or even dying as well. thus, if there is any hard feeling, I ask for ur forgiveness..and if there is any lack in anything..plz do me a favor..plz correct me if i'm wrong..(nobody's perfect rite..??)